Pelican Dreams

Pelican Dreams

Munich, Germany. 

“Dreaming about a pelican means sacrifice and abnegation. If the pelican in your dream is floating, this predicts that your promises will become reality..”

The beautiful great white pelican of the Hellabrunn and her reflections on the rippling water..

Pelicans have a conspicuously enlarged throat sac, which can expand to hold up to 13 litres of water and is primarily used as a scoop net to catch fish.

Hellabrunn Zoo is a 40 hectare zoological garden in the Bavarian capital of Munich. The zoo is situated on the right bank of the river Isar, in the southern part of Munich near the quarter of Thalkirchen. A high ratio of enclosures are cageless, relying upon moat features to keep the animals in place.