Red Istanbul Tram 410

Istanbul 410


“Here I am again in this old town.. And you’re so far away from me..”

The red tram of Istiklal Street, Beyoglu.

Istanbul Trams are a system of trams in Istanbul, Turkey, used for urban transportation. The tram system has a rich history, with the first tram line opened in the city in 1871. Today, Istanbul has several tram lines, including the historic Tünel line, which is the second-oldest subterranean railway in the world, and the newer Bağcılar-Kabataş tram line. The trams are an important part of Istanbul’s public transportation system, serving millions of commuters and visitors each year. They are considered to be a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, offering a unique way to explore the city and its sights.

A tribute to my dearest mom..